Assignment Of Copyright
Beta Testing Agreement
Small Agency Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Co-promotion Agreement
Corporate Bylaws
General Proxy
Vanity Label Distrbution
Exclusive Songwriter Agreement
Feature Film Offering
Foreign Agent Agreement 1
Investment Memorandum
Jingle Production Agreement
License for a Master Recording 2
Limited Partnership Agreement
Management Agreement 2
Model Release Form 1
Model Release Form 2
Quick Notary Form
General Partnership Agreement
Producer's Lien On A Master
Production Agreement 1
Publicist Agreement
Radio Recording Release
Recording Agreement 1
(artist's wish list)
Recording Agreement 3
Software Licensing Agreement
Single Song Publishng 1
Single Song Option (reversion)
Spec Production Deal (don't "spec" to get paid")
Sponsorship 2 (event)
Subpublishing 1
Band Booking Agreement
Distribution Of Master 1
Executive Employment Agreement
Festival Booking Agreement
Film Synchronization Agreement
Consulting Agreement
Investor Suitability
License for a Master Recording 1
License for a Master Recording 2b
Management Agreement 1
Mechanical License 1
Mechanical License 2
Non-Disclosure Agreement 1
Non-Disclosuere Agreement 2
Photographer Work For Hire
Producer's Royalty Attachment
Production Agreement 2
Radio Performance Release
Receipt For A Master Recording
Recording Agreement 2
Royalty Sharing Agreement
Software Distribution Agreement
Sound Contracting
Sponsorship 1 (tour)
Software Escrow Agreement
Subpublishing 2
Public Access Video Release
Joint Venture Agreement 1

Music Video Spec Sheet

Music Video Rider

MVPA Copyright Statement

Legal Agreements

Producer Contract
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