Graphic/Digital Artist * Photo Specialist * Glass Painter
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Photo-realistic effects- effects created with  the illusion of a photographed image.
Photo Repair and /or Restoration

Photo repair and photo restoration includes all
aspects of restoring and fixing any number of
photo problems. These can include repairing and
removing red eye, fixing scratches or blemishes
as well as mold and water damage. Sun damage
and color correction also fall under photo repair
and photo restoration.
Photo Coloring Services

Our photo coloring services offer you the
ability to add a splash of color to any black
and white photo, as well as the ability to take
a regular photo and add a touch of class by
removing the color and turning it into a black
and white masterpiece.
Portrait Glamorization

Perfect for Modeling or Pageant photos and
other similar pictures will benefit from our
portrait glamorization service. We'll smooth
out skin, fix wrinkles, change cheek and nose
structure.  This service is also excellent for
those photos you are going to submit to a
dating website.
Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation services involve the
changing of any part of a photo to something
it's not intended to be. These services
include removing people from images,
changing a background of a photo, fixing
crooked teeth, forensic age progressing, age
reduction and a digital diet where we can
literally melt away pounds without ever
sending you to a gym.
My services cater to those in need of any type of photo
presentation or enhancement and more!   

  • Modeling, Pageant photos
  • Photos for your web page/ site
  • Commercial- Magazines,  Portfolio, Brochures,
  • Logo creation- from scratch or yours can be

  • Photo repair and/or Restoration
  • Creative fun photos! You provide the photo and
    let me be creative!
  • Business card layout
  • Newsletter Template
  • Custom Letterhead-Envelopes
  • Custom Announcement cards 3x5
  • Flyers
  • CD Covers
  • Labels
  • Inserts

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Solution Graphics
KJ Starr
Here are a few  samples of work I've done. I have over 2000 plus images completed and more on the way. I best
describe my style  as "unique". I put my heart and soul into every photo.  The longest project took 4 long days to
complete, yet no job has been  too difficult beyond that.  I hope you enjoy my work and much as I do. A lot of the
graphics and banners throughout the site have been done by me.  Your feedback is appreciated .....KJ STARR